Write a Book

Do you have a book in you?  Everyone does.  Did you know that a master's thesis or a doctoral dissertation is just writing a book?

Unfortunately, most people write really bad books.  In fact, we are overwhelmed by low quality literature.

One solution is to hire a ghostwriter.  They will take your ideas and turn them into reasonable sounding concepts.  However, the book really isn't YOUR book...you paid someone.  Imagine paying someone to do a painting for you, but you tell people you painted it.

A better solution is to write a book yourself.  Much like you would if you entered a master's or doctoral program.  But, what if you don't time for a complete program?

We have brought together forward thinking academics who want to help the world write better books.  You don't need to enter an expensive university program or quit your job.

You only need to write 5 pages a week for 40 weeks.  Our partners will review your work on a weekly basis, cover a variety of cutting edge research with you, and help craft a book designed for impact.

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