Third Way Premises

The argument is embarrassingly simple. How do we value the work you do? Broken down to three questions: 1) what is value?; 2) what is work?; 3) who are you?

What's the first way?

Capitalism. The production of purchasable assets (work) in exchange for currency at a rate independently determined by the aggregate availability (value) of appropriately skilled service providers (you).

What's the second way?

Communism. Servicing the needs of the state (work) in exchange for a standard of living determined by available resources (value) and the will of the party (you)

Third way polemics have a singular focus: saving the individual :: structuring a system where (you) is defined as [an independent, free-thinking individual for whom opportunity and self-determination are guaranteed by a governing body].

How to deliver this standard?

Liberalism: institute and legislate a constitution with a supporting body of law tuned to local resource management

Libertarianism: limit the impact of the state such that positive and negative consequences of an individual's decisions are borne out

Autocratism: embody the will of the people in a singular representative absorbing the negative consequences while distributing the positive to the collective

These three third ways are reactive justifications for the fall out of a kabbalistic error. These models are an adjustment; a distraction from the meanings of value and work, which are isomorphic and reductive. Resistance can only occur as a function of the redefinition of a foundation, not a reinterpretation of a result.

Is resistance necessary?

No, so just be a capitalist or a communist.

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