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You’ve started a company, yay! Things are going along but it turns out you’ll be short on rent this month. So you think “if I just close a few more deals I can pay rent.” And you’re screwed.

the moment you start involving personal financial decisions into your business, you’re toast. Good AND bad ones. Money is literally the root of decay as nd destruction in an business venture. Even happened to the Beatles.

Starting and running a company requires training. not sales, management, finance, marketing, or product training, but MORAL training. Understanding your responsibility, setting priorities, and handling decisions. And the answer is so very simple. Focus on having discussions with the people you want to serve, build something that helps them, deliver value to them. Notice I said nothing about money. If you do all of those things money will, quite literally, magically appear. But if you try to sell something when you’re meeting people, people won’t talk to you. If you monetize something before it’s finished Or allow monetization to direct your product vision, it won’t help anyone. If you focus on revenue, you won’t be focused on delivering value. And you absolutely cannot have your cake and eat it to.

rest assured, if you focus completely on those three things, you will create scarcity and people will throw money at you. Bottom line, don’t be greedy, deliver value to people, and they will beg to pay for your time.

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