What is an internship?

You spend your time learning and building relationships.

Is it paid?

If you want money, then you'll have to deliver value, which will take away time from learning and building relationships.  We completely understand, however, that some students are not privileged enough to take on a pure internship.  We will make every effort to accommodate those students who need to earn money without sacrificing other beneficial opportunities.


Several corporations, not for profits, private investors, and Ideatrek itself are sponsoring research from select students.  Summer Research Stipends are offered at select schools and come with specific conditions and criteria developed by the sponsor in partnership with Ideatrek.  To see if your school offers a paid internship, check handshake.  Or review details of Ideatrek's Semester Scholarship, here.

Is this legal?

We have made every effort to conform to federal guidelines and fair labor practices regarding unpaid internships.  This internship last for 12 weeks, does not replace any otherwise compensated activity, does not lead to a job and does not come with the promise of a job offer.  The Ideatrek team will function as mentors, educators, and guides for those who want to learn about what we do.  All activities are designed for educational and experiential purposes alone.

What will I be doing?

Our goal is to give you experiences so that when you end up in a job interview you will sound like you know what you're talking about.  The goal of being in the internship is to build relationships with people who will ultimately write recommendations.  In order to earn a recommendation, you will write a paper on innovation ethics.  You completely own the rights to this work and can do whatever you want with it.  The quality of the paper determines the quality of our recommendation of you to other employers.

We have developed and will clearly communicate a variety of activities for you to participate in.  These activities are designed to help you write a more interesting paper, and are completely optional.