You want to start a company.  But you have no money.  And no one trusts you enough to give you money to build your company.  And, let's be real, they probably shouldn't trust you.  Not because you're a bad person...but, come on...would you give you $500k?  No, you wouldn't.  Guess you'll just have to give up!



You could become a HOOVER!

You get $5k in credits to hire other Hoovers to help build your company.  And if you run out of credits, help someone else.  You don't need "capital"; you need help.

And the HOOVE community is here to help you.

Give people a REASON to trust you by demonstrating how awesome you really are.

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Whenever we add a new HOOVER, 5k new tokens are created and able to be purchased by HOLDERS at a 1:1 ratio.  The more value a HOOVER, creates the more valuable each token becomes.  Investors may invest their tokens into Hoover projects, speculate on decentralized exchanges (coming soon!), or provide further liquidity to the community through decentralized lending.

(subject to change)
updated 11/23/21

6/15/21 (complete): Create Hoove Ledger. Convert Employees to Associates

7/15/21 (complete): finalize Hoove ledger structure and begin soft awareness campaign

8/15/21 (complete): have 15 assocaites contributing to Hoove Index - Achieved 10/4/21

11/123/21 (done): develop new associate reporting portal - AR reporting, invoicing, and secured comms

1/1/22 (sort of on track): select blockchain (cardano, ethereum, Pi Network, Polkadot: any other suggestions?).  UPDATE: we are very close to selecting Chia because of sustainability and ability to manage complex governance structures by mapping on to existing infrastructure, rather than requiring a ground up rebuild. 

2/1/22 (meh, MAYBE, its a goal): Launch on decentralized blockchain and ICO.  UPDATE: we may ICO Hoove tokens as ERC20 before this, and then build the rest of the smart contracts on Chia

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What it's Like to be a Hoover

Hoovers are founders, service providers, investors or really anyone who wants to DO something.  If you can't do what you do, then don't be here.

When you become a Hoover you start with $5k in ATTRIBUTED REVENUE
(aka: AR).  Your first goal is to obtain $15k in AR.

You can accomplish this several ways such as performing tasks for other Hoovers, lending FIAT to Hoovers who might need it, or selling services to PATRONS.

You can also earn HOOVE by completing projects in the service of the DAO.

Here's the presumed case:

You are starting a company.  BUT you have no money.  And none of your family, friends, or network are willing or able to give you any.  Normally, you're dead in the water.  ALONG COMES HOOVE!  You become a Hoover, use your initial $5k to build a website or secure an industrial design for a product, then help out other Hoovers to earn more AR, and then use that new AR to hire marketing and sales Hoovers to grow your business.  If you've created a good business, we spin that out into a separate company and you will attract HOLDERS, PATRONS or INVESTORS to provide new working capital to help you scale.  If you do really well, sell your company for $10mil, and vaboom, you made it!

Anyone can become a Hoover.  Interested?  Email:

Step 1:

Join the Discord

Step 2:

Meet a Hoover

Step 3:

Sign the DAO agreement

Step 4:

Choose your vice: Power; Greed; or Vanity

Those who seek Power collect as much AR as they can.  If you accumulate enough AR to be in the top group of $5k increments, then you join the board and pass judgement on HOOVER requests.

Those who prefer Greed will convert all AR over $15k into cash.  If you deliver $200k in value to the community, then you could cash out $185k.  Consider how much another agency would pay you if you delivered $200k!!  Hint: its about $75k.  Owners and managers live off the surplus value generated by employees.  Well, as a HOOVER you own your surplus value.

Those susceptible to Vanity will seek glory and attempt to develop something that will change the world..  Use your AR to hire other hoovers to build out your concept.  When you run out, extract AR from another HOOVER, who is obviously wasting it on Greed or Power, and instead put it to good use in the service of your majestic ideas and ideals.

What it's Like to be a HOLDER

Becoming a HOLDER means that you are able to purchase HOOVE at the BASE RATE.  The BASE RATE is always lower than the INDEX, which tethers the value of HOOVE.  So, you could purchase 100 HOOVE for USD$100 and then conceivably turn around exchange it at the INDEX and make a cool return.

Obviously we don't want people doing that, so we only allow the right kind of person to become a HOLDER.  That is: HOLDERS have the benefit of acquiring HOOVE at a much more favorable price than the market allows, but in order to have that benefit, you need to be a GOOD PERSON.  We determined whether or not someone may become a HOLDER using HYPERTHEMATICS.

Once you are a HOLDER, you assign your HOOVE to a HOOVER.  This increases their value within the community and helps them progress towards $15k AR and continue building their company.  You may then trade in your HOOVE at the INDEX or sell it on an exchange.

BUT hopefully you will use your HOOVE for what is is intended to do: support startups.  HOLDERS can exchange their HOOVE for future equity in startups spun out by HOOVERS.

Investing in startups is extremely risky.  HOOVE allows you to observe founders on their path and then decide who to invest in.  SO, you qualify as a HOLDER, buy HOOVE, assign it to support HOOVERS, earn a return as the INDEX grows, and then convert it to future equity once a HOOVER spins out a company.

PRETTY COOL, RIGHT!?  To become a HOLDER email:


What it's Like to be a PATRON

PATRONS hire HOOVERS just like they would hire any service provider.

You purchase AR, are assigned a HOOVER to manage your account, and benefit from their understanding of the community to receive top quality service and return on your business development spend.  At the same time, you are supporting future founders. 

You could hire an agency who will take your money to fund a nice vacation in Ibiza, or hire HOOVERS who will use your money to create the next generation of companies. 

It's up to where your money goes.  Meet the HOOVERS