Trek Raising is a program to help founders build and maintain an investor network.  Knowing who to know is half the battle; then you need to contact and secure meetings.  Chris and Investor Emails are here to support founders working through this challenging period of the startup journey



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Trek Grants delivers expert support when applying for SBA, SIBR and STTR government grant and funding programs.  We are passionate advocates for increased government funding of innovation and innovative communities.  Our team has successfully developed financing programs for companies across industries and stages.  If your project could qualify, we will make sure it does.  If you're looking for investors: click



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The Trek internship gives students and recent graduates experience in venture capital.  Interns participate in 3 activities: 1) write a paper on innovation ethics; 2) engage our investor training curriculum; 3) learn to evaluate startups.  The internship lasts 12 weeks, accords with all federal guidelines for unpaid internships, and is offered to universities across the US through the Handshake platform.


The Trek Coding Academy is for people with no coding experience whatsoever.  We use the Corvid platform from Wix to teach basic coding concepts, build live projects and engage a supportive community.  The program last 5 weeks and graduates qualify to support the Trek Agency development team.


Sell your Idea

try scoring it first to argue for a better price

This is simple.  We will pay you 10% of the exit from your idea.  If we build the business and exit for $10mil, we will pay you $1mil.
ahem, pending contractual agreement and board approval
1) Copy this text
We solve the _____ problem faced by _____.  We would need $___ to pay _____, _____, and _____ to deliver _______, which would allow our clients to ______.
2) Fill in the blanks and submit
3) if you don't hear from us within 30 minutes, send a follow up email
by clicking here
NOTE: we will not respond to ideas presented outside the above format.
If all this seems silly, go home



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