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Join the slack to check out basecamp. Say Hello!


Hello! My name is Dawn Musgrave and I run the coding academy. I'm happy to dicuss our training processes and goals for the program. Join slack and then the #education-codeviacorvid channel


I'm Ross, founder of Vaas, a validation science startup. Join slack and say hello!


Here to help!


I'm Graham, Managing Director of Business Tenders. I'm based in the UK, and also run a digital agency under the Ideatrek brand. In slack, I'm known as Mr. Darth Nihilus, DM me!


Looking forward to connecting!!


Looking forward to connecting!! I'm Michael Woolf, here to help with legal needs!


Welcome to Ideatrek from Wix. Please share some basic information with us, join our Slack channel and be sure to message me - @Tania Garcia - when you join!


I'm Shawn. I sell stuff!


Robert Queen Jr. at your service. Join me in Slack!


Welcome to Ideatrek from Handshake. We look forward to getting to know you and exploring whether an internship or college job will help you along your desired career path.

Please register using the form below to join our slack channel, and then message @Emporaro Valdesan....we use Star Wars's fun!

OSH by Vaas

Welcome to One Hour Startup Hack by Vaas. Fill out the form, join the slack channel, then add yourself to #education-osh to receive the zoom link and meet everyone.

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