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ROgeR Hunt

Hello Hello!


Welcome to Ideatrek from Wix. Please share some basic information with us, join our Slack channel and be sure to message me - @Branden Bishop - when you join!

John Kelley, your WIX partner from Ideatrek.

Thank you for exploring a partnership with Ideatrek. We work with founders and clients all over the world, and especially love WIX as a tool for launching new ideas, businesses, and campaigns. Please share a few bits of information with us, follow the instructions to join our Slack channel, and direct message @Emporaro Valdesan (we use Star Wars themed display names...if that's a deal breaker...oops!).


Welcome, happy to answer anymore questions :)


Follow the instructions!


Freelancers unite!


Looking forward to connecting!!


Let's talk about stocks and data!

Olusegun the instructions carefully.


I can play middle man and influence anything.


Welcome, again. Thank you for exploring with us. We look forward to a great future!


Yeah....follow the instructions...jeeeeeeeez

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